Tree Nut Allergen Information

Tree Nut Allergen Information


Tree Nut Allergy: These are items that can be served without tree nuts as a component or that do not have tree nuts or tree nut by-products as a listed ingredient.

During the normal course of operations in our kitchen environment, the shared production facilities may come in contact with potential allergens and, therefore, we are not completely able to assure our dining guests that their meal choices will be safely allergen free.

  • Nachos

All Nachos are Tree Nut free

  • Other Appetizers

All Appetizers are Tree Nut Free

  • Soups

All Soups are Tree Nut Free

  • Field of Greens

All Salads are Tree Nut Free

  • First Run Burgers

All Burgers and their Toppings are Tree Nut Free

  • Quesadilla, it’s a Wrap

All Quesadillas are Tree Nut Free

  • Main Attractions

All Main Attractions are Tree Nut Free

  • And the Nominees Are

All Nominees are Tree Nut Free

  • Chamber of Sweets

Hot Fudge  Whipped Topping and Chocolate mousse, which contains Coconut Oil (classified under the tree nut category)

  • Beverages:

General Admittance:   All beverages are Tree Nut Free

  • Beverages:

Restricted (21+):  All beverages are Tree Nut Free