Calorie Information

UPDATED 6/5/18


Adam Sampler: 1202 cal.
Chili Factor: 200-338 cal.
Hansel & Pretzels: 826 cal.
High Noon BBQ Nachos: 1071-1186 cal.
Hollywood Squares: 1320 cal.
Lord of the O-Rings: 372 cal.
Mission Impossible Nachos: 885-1093 cal.
Sandlot Fried Pickles: 643 cal.
Top Guns Wings: 907 cal.
Towering Inferno: 682-892 cal.
Wizard of Ozzarella Sticks: 612 cal.


Caesar Romero Salad: 532-738 cal.
Clockwork Orange Salad: 665-763 cal.
Little Chop of Horrors Salad: 601-699 cal.
My Big Fat Greek Salad: 693-951 cal.


Captain Quint’s Fish and Chips: 630 cal.
Cherry Maguire Flatbread Pizza: 647-817 cal.
Love Me Tenders: 550 cal.
Wreck-It Ralph Chicken & Waffles: 1419 cal.


The A-List
Catching Fire Burger: 1037 cal.
Smokey & The Bandit Burger: 1030 cal.
The Classics
Awesome Avocado Turkey Burger: 620-865
Beyond Burger: 568 cal.
Kevin Bacon Burger: 950-965 cal.
Robert De Niro Burger: 864-879 cal.
Tom Hanks Burger: 766 cal.


Chariots of Fire Buffalo Tacos: 833 cal.
Good Will Hunting Turkey Sandwich: 639 cal.
Jurassic Pork Tacos: 981 cal.
Naan Solo Tacos: 605 cal.
Parmageddon Chicken Sandwich: 552 cal.
Rocky’s Philly Cheesesteak: 665 cal.
The Space Jam Chicken Sandwich: 696 cal.
Theory of Everything Patty Melt: 1267 cal.


Apple Slices: 60 cal.
Coleslaw: 160 cal.
Mashed Potato: 180 cal.
Onion Rings (Basket): 372 cal.
Onion Rings (Side): 248 cal.
Popcorn: 70 cal.
Potato Chips: 100 cal.
Powerslaw: 284 cal.
Pub Fries (Basket): 174 cal.
Pub Fries (Side): 116 cal.
Side Salad: 64 cal.
Sweet Potato Fries: (Basket) 144 cal.
Sweet Potato Fries: (Side) 96 cal.
Vegetable Medley: 60 cal.
Waffle Fries: (Basket) 426 cal.
Waffle Fries: (Side) 284 cal.


Andy’s Gooey Grilled Cheese: 242-262 cal.
The Buzz Burger: 505-557 cal.
The Rex Dino Nuggets: 168 cal.
The Slinky Dog: 300 cal.
Trixie’s Bites: 250 cal.
Woody’s French Bread Pizza: 290 cal.
Butter Beer: 378-402 cal.
Branch’s Blue Raspberry Twist: 180 cal.
Poppy’s Wild Grape Twist: 180 cal.
Shirley Temple: 157 cal.


Ice Cream Flavors
Chocolate: 200 cal.
Cookie Dough: 220 cal.
Cookies & Cream: 220 cal.
Fat-Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt: 150 cal.
Strawberry: 180 cal.
Vanilla: 200 cal.

Bullseye Sundae: 238 cal.
Chewie Brownie: 327 cal.
Dark Side Lava Cakes: 539 cal.
Jabba The Hot Fudge Sundae: 358 cal.
Rey’s Cookies and Cream Mousse: 312 cal.
Storm Scooper Ice Cream: 158 cal.