Soy Allergen Information

Soy Allergen Information SUGGESTED MEAL CHOICES Soy Allergy: These are items that can be served without soy products as a component or that do not have soy products or soy by-products as a listed ingredient. During the normal course of operations in our kitchen environment, the shared production facilities may come in contact with potential allergens and, therefore, we are not completely able to assure our dining guests that their meal choices will be safely allergen free. Nachos
  • Fresh tortilla chips are fried in a Zero Trans Fat Canola product containing Soybean Oil
Other Appetizers
  • Zohan’s Hummus Platter doesn’t contain soy but contains sesame which may trigger some allergies
  • French Connection
Field of Greens
  • Caesar Romero with choice of Fat Free Ranch or olive oil and vinegar only, Field of Dreams Salad without grilled chicken and with choice of Fat Free Ranch or olive oil and vinegar only,
First Run Burgers
  • Chunky Burger without onion rings, Kevin Bacon, Robert Deniro, Mighty Joe Young, Analyze This, Swiss Family, The Fighter Burger and Tom Hanks Burger all without American Cheese
Quesadilla, it’s a Wrap
  • Pirates of the Caribbean without chicken
Main Attractions
  • Main Attractions contain traces of soy
And the Nominees Are
  • First Wives Club without mayonnaise Unforgiven BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Chamber of Sweets
  • Hermione’s Ice Cream without whipped topping
  • General Admittance:  All beverages are Soy Free
  • Restricted (21+):  Bloody Mary contains Soy Protein
  • Popcorn contains Soy
  • Pizza Sauce contains Soybean Oil