Chunky’s Presents: LIVE Comedy Fundraisers!


Chunky’s Cinema in Pelham and Nashua are now offering LIVE Fundraising Comedy events in theater as a creative fundraising idea and best yet, THERE IS NO ROOM RENTAL FEE!  If you have been inside one of our unique theaters, then you know our set up is built around comfort.  All of our theaters are filled with with leather, reclineable Lincoln Town car chairs that guests sink into & we have a full restaurant menu and liquor license at your disposal.  Once you sit, there is no need to get up as we have servers who take your order right at your table!

Best yet, Chunky’s has a professional stage, spot light and a wireless microphone available for the comedians to use during their hilarious performances!

comedians Chunky’s has a long list of professional comedians who will work your comedy fundraising event at Chunky’s.  These comedians have seen time on Comedy Central, NESN Comedy All-Stars, and have won prestigious Boston Comedy Festival Awards!   Just let us know if you want the act to be clean, PG-13 or R and we’ll book the perfect group of comedians to work your event.  Chunky’s is the perfect spot to host a live comedy fundraising event!


Submit an online live comedy fundraiser request or call us directly We’ll work with you to pick a date (Monday-Thursday) typically 4-6 weeks in advance to host your Live Comedy Fundraising Event at Chunky’s Pelham or Nashua. Once you are officially booked, we will inform you of the 3 professional comedians we were able to book to preform at your fundraising event. We will supply you with digital copies of flyers and tickets to advertise and sell in advance.  Sample Comedy Fundraiser FlyerSampleTicket. <pclass=”important-text”>Get ready to “Laugh” your way all way to the bank! HOW YOU RAISE MONEY: –  Ticket Sales.  Tickets sell for a minimum of $20 each with a 50/50 split or $10 going to your group for each ticket sold.  If you sold 180 tickets for $20 each, your group would earn $1800! –  Chunky’s allows you to have a table in theater free of charge reserved for Silent Auction items as an additional way to increase fundraising revenue. – Need more info, visit our Comedy Fundraiser FAQ Section. REQUEST BUTTON