Live Comedy Fundraiser FAQ

It’s up to you!  Let us know if you want the show to be clean or not or inbetween and we’ll book you the right acts!
You can certainly make the request, however we cannot gauarantee that specific comedian on our list is available.  We assure you that all of the comedians we work with are professional and very funny.
We will periodically work with you before the start of the event to track ticket sales.  This helps us figure out how to staff your event appropriately and what size theater your group will go in.  We ask that 95% of your ticket sales are completed 24 – 48 hours before the start of your event.
If the event is cancelled 14 days or before, your group is responsible for 50% of the 100 ticket sales guarantee portion owed to Chunky’s.  This excludes extreme weather conditions the night of the show or act of god preventing the show from taking place. Example:  With the 50/50 split in ticket sales and assuming you are selling each ticket for $20 each.  If the event is 7 days away and you cancel the show, Chunky’s is owed 50 tickets x $10 = $500 due immediately.
Yes, there is a 100 tickets sold guarantee for a comedy fundraiser at Chunky’s.  If your group sells less than 100 tickets, you must pay for the amount of tickets to make up the difference at the cost owed to Chunky’s.  This minimum is in place to cover the cost of the comedians performing at your event.
Payment for Chunky’s portion of ticket sales is due at the event.  Check is made payable to Chunky’s Cinema Pub.
Ticket sales are 100% managed by your group.  We will supply you with a digital copy of the ticket for you to print as many as you need.  Your team will sell tickets to friends, family and community members.  Customers can pay your group cash or check written to your organization.
Comedians will perform for 1.5 to 2 hours total.  For example, if your comedy fundraiser event starts at 7pm, plan for it to end at 9pm.
Everyone should arrive one hour before the comedy starttime for your event for dinner, drinks & to view your silent auction table (if you choose to have one).  Customers can order food and drink during the show also.
Live Comedy Fundraisers at Chunky’s should be booked early enough to give your fundraising team at least 4-6 weeks to sell the tickets.
No, the ticket is for the price of entry for comedy entertainment.  We will have our full food and drink menu available and servers inside the theater if they choose to purchase food and drink while at the event.
The Comedy Fundraising tickets should be sold for no less than $20.  The split is always 50/50 between Chunky’s and your group.
Our Live Comedy Fundraising Events can be booked Monday – Thursday. There are some black-out dates throughout the year such as school vacation weeks and holidays such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.