The Addams Family

Rating: PG
Opening Date: 10-11-2019
Synopsis: Get ready to snap your fingers! The Addams Family is back on the big screen in the ... READ MORE

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Thu 11/1411:30am2:45pm6:30pm
Fri 11/1511:45am2:45pm5:45pm
Sat 11/1611:45am2:45pm5:45pm
Sun 11/1711:45am2:45pm5:45pm
Mon 11/185:45pm
Tue 11/195:45pm
Wed 11/2011:45am2:45pm5:45pm
Thu 11/2111:45am2:45pm


Thu 11/144:00pm5:30pm
Fri 11/154:30pm5:30pm
Sat 11/1611:30am2:40pm5:30pm
Sun 11/1711:30am2:40pm5:30pm
Mon 11/186:00pm
Tue 11/196:00pm
Wed 11/204:15pm6:00pm
Thu 11/212:30pm


Thu 11/143:45pm6:45pm
Fri 11/154:00pm6:15pm
Sat 11/161:00pm4:20pm6:00pm
Sun 11/171:00pm4:00pm6:30pm
Mon 11/186:15pm
Tue 11/196:15pm
Wed 11/204:30pm6:15pm
Thu 11/214:15pm