Group Order Form

Request Your Chunky’s Reservation Today!


We accept reservations for groups of 8 or more (subject to availability) as long as everyone is ordering food and beverage (meal equivalent) from our menu. Reservations are for any showing EXCEPT Friday and Saturday evenings 5:00 PM to 8:59 PM. These showings are strictly first come, first serve. Complimentary popcorn comes with the reservation (excludes free movie screenings).


To request a reservation, please fill out the form below. FYI…tickets need to be purchased in advance to place a table reservation.

FYI…Requests must be made before 12:00pm on Friday for the weekend (24 hrs before – for all other days/times).

Groups can still come to Chunky’s on a first come, first serve basis (without a reservation)…tickets can now be purchased on-line.

(groups 8 or more only - smaller groups are first come first serve)

*This is only a request. Your reservation is not fully scheduled until our function coordinator contacts you to finalize your request. Our function coordinators’ office hours are daytime Monday through Friday. Your request will be answered as promptly as possible during her working hours (no later than noon the next business day).

Please add to your address book to avoid a return email being “spammed or junk mailed”. /p>

If you do not receive an email response by noon the next business day…your return email may have been spammed…please email her directly at or call 1-888-879-9001 ext 0