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    • Sneak Previews

    • Aladdin’s Hummus Platter

      Aladdin’s Hummus Platter


      Your deepest wishes will come true with this healthy roasted red pepper hummus plate served with baby carrots, celery, red onion, bell pepper & tortilla chips. “Wake up and smell the hummus!”

    • Coco’s Loco Shrimp

      Coco’s Loco Shrimp


      Yes! This tasty coconut shrimp appetizer will be music to your taste buds! Enjoy 6 large pieces of golden crisp shrimp drizzled & served with a creamy key Lime dressing. Get ready to go crazy!

    • Lord of the O-Rings


      These precious onion rings are cooked to a delicious golden brown. One big plateful to rule them all! A Chunky’s favorite since the beginning.

    • Adam Sampler

      Adam Sampler


      Can’t decide? Try a sampling of our most popular appetizers! Towering Inferno Boneless Chicken Tenders, Hansel & Pretzel Sticks, Wizard of Ozzarella Sticks & Lord of the O-Rings each served with their signature dipping sauces!

    • Hansel & Pretzel

      Hansel & Pretzel


      We’ve upgraded this appetizer to a huge Bavarian-style soft pretzel baked until a perfect golden brown & dashed with salt. Served with creamy artisan craft beer cheese AND signature brewpub style mustard dipping sauces.

    • Towering Inferno


      Our golden chicken tenders tossed with our homemade buffalo sauce. Served with celery sticks & our homemade bleu cheese dressing.

      Make it an XL Order: Add $2.99

    • Top Gun Mighty Wings

      Top Gun Mighty Wings


      You can be our wingman any time! Premium meaty wings cooked to a perfect golden brown & tossed in a Thai-style sweet chili sauce or a homemade buffalo sauce. Served with your choice of ranch or homemade bleu cheese dipping sauce & celery sticks. After one bite, you'll feel the need... the need to order these again!

    • Wizard of Ozzarella Sticks


      Enjoy these great & powerful Ozzarella sticks! Mmmm, crisp and golden brown on the outside and warm and cheesy on the inside. Served with homemade marinara sauce.


    • The Chili Factor

      Cup $3.99
      Bowl $4.99

      Homemade beef or sweet potato vegetarian chili with quinoa, black beans & tomatoes.

    • Mission Impossible Nachos

      Mission Impossible Nachos


      A large plate of homemade tortilla chips topped with homemade chili (beef or vegetarian), Monterey Pepperjack cheese, crisp greens & diced tomatoes. Served with homemade salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. Add Guacamole 1.99

    • High Noon BBQ Nachos

      High Noon BBQ Nachos


      Sweet Kansas City style BBQ sauce is drizzled over a pile of homemade tortilla chips with Monterey Pepperjack cheese, topped with your choice of chicken or pulled smoked pork and diced tomatoes. Served with homemade salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. Add Guacamole 1.99

    • The Sandlot Fried Pickles

      The Sandlot Fried Pickles


      PICKLE!!! We dare you to take on this beast. A generous plate of sliced pickles dipped in a flavorful batter & fried until perfectly golden brown. Served with a house made chipotle ranch dipping sauce.

    • Garden State

    • Love Me Tender Summer Salad

      Love Me Tender Summer Salad


      This hearty salad features our legendary Love Me Chicken Tenders in a bowl with crisp romaine, tomato, red onion, shredded cheddar jack cheese & topped with savory bacon pieces. Tossed in our signature honey mustard dressing.

    • Caesar Romero Salad


      Our version of a Mediterranean classic! Crisp Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, garlic & herb croutons, melt in your mouth shaved parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.

    • My Big Fat Greek Salad

      My Big Fat Greek Salad


      Mixed greens & grilled chicken loaded with peppers, onions, Kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, cucumbers, tomatoes and LOTS of feta cheese!

    • Little Chop of Horrors

      Little Chop of Horrors


      Feed me, Seymour! You'll be singing for this southwestern chopped salad. Featuring avocado, black beans, corn, diced tomato, red onion & chopped romaine all tossed in a chipotle ranch dressing. Topped with grilled chicken & crispy tortilla strips.

    • Main Attractions

    • Reservoir Dogs

      Reservoir Dogs


      If you enjoy a good hot dog…like a REALLY good hot dog, we have a job for you. TWO premium natural all beef hot dogs grilled & served with house-made maple-Sriracha baked beans & choice of one side. Served with a side of mustard…or Mr. Yellow.
      Make them chili & cheese dogs …. $1.99

    • Goodfellas Chicken Parm Flatbread

      Goodfellas Chicken Parm Flatbread


      Fans of our iconic parmesan chicken sandwich will love this flatbread pizza twist! First we brush on our slow-simmered marinara sauce (AKA gravy), layer with fresh slices of provolone and top with the most savory golden crisp chicken around. You’re made now.

    • Raging Bull Steak Tips

      Raging Bull Steak Tips


      We have a prizefighting plate of marinated tenderloin steak tips that will TKO your taste buds in one bite. This pub favorite is a heavyweight & you will love our signature steakhouse marinade on these mouthwatering premium steak tips. Served with rice pilaf & a choice of one side

    • Captain Quint's Fish & Chips

      Captain Quint's Fish & Chips


      You’ll be the one swallowing this oversized beer-battered haddock whole! Cooked til’ a perfect golden brown & served with coleslaw, a lemon wedge, tartar sauce & pub fries. HOOPER!

    • Love Me Tenders


      A Chunky's Classic! Golden chicken tenders rolled in seasoned bread crumbs and served with honey mustard dipping sauce and your choice of one side.

      Gluten Free Option Available

    • First Run Burgers

    • Smokey & the Bandit Burger

      Smokey & the Bandit Burger


      Put your taste buds in high gear with this fresh 1/2 lb. Angus beef burger with sweet Kansas City style BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, smoky strips of bacon, lettuce, & tomato and topped with a golden delicious onion ring to boot! Served on a freshly baked & toasted potato roll.

    • Beauty and the Bistro Burger

      Beauty and the Bistro Burger


      This burger has been cursed with having too much creativity & flavor. Enjoy a fresh ½ lb. Angus beef burger with melted American cheese topped with Cajun onion straws & covered in a spicy Dijon mustard bistro spread. We also add grilled pickles for the final explosion of flavor. Served on a freshly baked & toasted potato roll.

    • Tom Hanks Burger


      Life is like a fresh 1/2 lb. Angus beef hamburger served on a freshly baked & toasted potato roll... you never know when you’re going to get something this good again!

    • Awesome Guacamole Turkey Burger


      Like The Lego Movie, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME in this great tasting, low-fat turkey burger topped with fresh guacamole, juicy tomato, lettuce and chipotle mayo. Served on a toasted potato roll.

      Roll can be substituted for a romaine lettuce leaf.

    • Robert De Niro Burger


      Sink your teeth into this juicy fresh 1/2lb. cheese burger topped with lettuce & tomato and served on a fresh bakery bun toasted to perfection. Yes, we're talkin' to you!

    • Kevin Bacon Burger


      You’ll go Footloose over this iconic fresh 1/2 lb. burger! Yes, the buns are toasted to perfection on the Kevin Bacon. Topped with cheese, smoky bacon and lettuce & tomato. Served on a freshly baked & toasted potato roll.

    • To Infinity & Beyond Burger

      To Infinity & Beyond Burger


      The future of protein is here with the Beyond Burger! Made from plants and packed with 100% plant-protein, the Beyond Burger is juicy, meaty and delicious. Served on a freshly baked & toasted potato roll with melted cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato & a delicious spread of roasted red pepper hummus.

    • And the Nominees Are...

    • Captain Marvel Turkey Sandwich

      Captain Marvel Turkey Sandwich


      Feel like one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when you try our new turkey sandwich. Avenge your hunger with thick slices of oven roasted turkey piled high & topped with bacon, guacamole, tomato, onion & pepper jack cheese. Served on savory toasted Everything bread.

    • Parmageddon Chicken Sandwich

      Parmageddon Chicken Sandwich


      You don't wanna miss this Chunky's blockbuster. A golden crip chicken breast covered with slow-simmered homemade marinara sauce and topped with melted provolone cheese. Served on a savory toasted garlic bread!

    • The French Connection Pub Dip

      The French Connection Pub Dip


      We take a bakery-fresh toasted baguette and stack with tender thin-sliced roast beef and melted cheddar cheese. The best part, it’s served with a well-seasoned warm au jus for dipping. It’s a pub classic and pairs deliciously with an Only Way IPA!

    • Chariots of Fire Buffalo Tacos

      Chariots of Fire Buffalo Tacos


      Try our legendary golden chicken tenders tossed in homemade buffalo sauce and served with lettuce, tomatoes, and Monterey Jack cheese in three warm & soft tortillas with a cool ranch dressing spread. So good, you'll race for another bite!

    • The Matrix Reloaded Chicken Sandwich

      The Matrix Reloaded Chicken Sandwich


      This gourmet LOADED southern fried chicken sandwich is cooked to a perfect golden brown with melted pepper jack cheese & layered with bacon slices & jalapenos all dripping with legendary Mike’s Hot Honey®. Served on a toasted signature pretzel roll. You order something else – the story ends. You order this sandwich & we show you how deep the flavor goes.

    • The Space Jam Chicken Sandwich

      The Space Jam Chicken Sandwich


      We’re jammin’ out with this new flame-grilled chicken sandwich with melted cheddar cheese & topped with our Jack Daniels® bacon & onion marmalade! Served on a bakery-fresh pretzel roll… it’s a slam dunk!

    • Kids

      For our guests 10 & under. Each menu item served with a chocolate chip cookie and your choice of one side.

    • Andy's Gooey Grilled Cheese


      Fresh sliced cheese melted to perfection.  Choice of toasted white or wheat bread on this all-time favorite.

    • Woody's French Bread Pizza

      Woody's French Bread Pizza


      Try Sheriff's individual French bread pizza for one!  One bite and you'll "reach for the sky!"

    • The Slinky Dog


      Slink's unforgettable boiled hot dog is a must try!

    • The Buzz Cheese Burger


      A Space Ranger's favorite meal! To infinity and beyond with this delicious Black Angus cheese burger!

    • Rex's Dino Nuggets

      Rex's Dino Nuggets


      Rex always comes through for his pals, and his chicken nuggets pack a huge roar!

    • Trixie's Mac & Cheese Bites


      A creative twist on a classic. Bite sized nuggets of rich, creamy mac and cheese lightly battered and cooked to a perfect golden brown!


    • Bullseye's Sundae


      A scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream & a cherry.

    • Extra Credits

    • Basket of Cinema Pub Fries

    • Basket of Onion Rings

    • Basket of Seasoned Waffle Fries

    • Basket of Sweet Potato Fries

    • Popcorn

    • Side Kick Salad


      Dressings: Thousand Island, Italian, Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Greek, Honey Dijon, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Homemade Bleu Cheese, Chipotle Ranch

    • Desserts

    • Skywalker’s Warm Cookie Dessert

      Skywalker’s Warm Cookie Dessert


      Rise to the challenge with this warm & gooey chocolate chip cookie topped with scoops of premium vanilla ice cream. Topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!

    • Dark Side Lava Cake

      Dark Side Lava Cake


      Do not underestimate the power of the dark chocolate cake with hot fudge filling. Served with vanilla ice cream under a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Yes, yes, let the hot fudge flow through you!

    • Chewie Brownie Sundae

      Chewie Brownie Sundae


      Human words cannot describe how good this dessert is! A moist homemade mocha chocolate brownie topped with a tall portion of hand-dipped ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream & a cherry!

    • Jabba the Hot Fudge Sundae


      Your mind powers will not work against one of our most popular desserts! Enjoy an oversized portion of premium ice cream topped with bittersweet hot fudge sauce, whipped cream & a cherry!

    • Storm Scooper Ice Cream


      An imperial portion of premium hand-dipped ice cream topped with whipped cream & a cherry!

    • Rey's Cookies 'n Cream Mousse

      Rey's Cookies 'n Cream Mousse


      The force is very strong with this rich cookies & cream mousse served in an Oreo rimmed martini glass, topped with whipped cream & Oreo cookie crumbs.


    • Bullseye's Sundae


      A scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream & a cherry.

    • Butter Beer Float

      Butter Beer Float


      A magically frothy & delicious Barq’s Root Beer, Dr. Pepper or Orange Cream Float with a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream!

    • Drinks


    • Wakanda Punch

      Wakanda Punch


      We can’t hide this advanced flavor any longer. Our Wakanda Punch is the vibranium of mixed drinks! Featuring Smirnoff Cherry Vodka, Malibu Mango Rum, Razzmatazz Liqueur, & Blue Curacao. Shaken with sour mix & topped with Sprite. Garnished with a lime.

    • Rum Forrest Rum!

      Rum Forrest Rum!


      You'll run to grab another one of these! Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, shaken with orange juice & cranberry juice and garnished with an orange & a cherry.

    • Dazed and Confused

      Dazed and Confused


      Alright, alright, alright. We have found the best new cocktail featuring Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum, Triple Sec & Pink Lemonade garnished Sour Patch watermelon candy!

    • Bohemian Raspberry

      Bohemian Raspberry


      Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Escape from reality with the bursting flavors of raspberry! Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, Razzmatazz Liqueur, & pink lemonade. Garnished with a lemon wheel.

    • Large Marge Margarita

      Large Marge Margarita


      Made with premium Sauza Extra Gold Tequila and our signature margarita mix.  Tell them Large Marge sent you!

    • Catalina Wine Mixer Sangria

      Catalina Wine Mixer Sangria


      This white sangria mixer is supremely refreshing! Featuring Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom, Pinot Grigio & a splash of orange juice & Sprite. Garnished with an orange wheel. What? Did we just become best friends? YEP!

    • The Dude

      The Dude


      The Big Lebowski’s favorite - a White Russian “a.k.a. Caucasian.” Titos Handmade Vodka, Kahlua & milk served in a tall glass with an Oreo cookie crumb rim. The Dude abides!

    • Aye, Aye Captain


      A thirst quenching mixture of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, ice and Coca Cola.

    • Gone With The Gin

      Gone With The Gin


      This classic Gin & Tonic is a refreshing materpiece! Enjoy a signature goblet glass of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, tonic & a lime. Surely to quench the thirst!

    • Sour Patch NOT For Kids

      Sour Patch NOT For Kids


      Marvel at this clever & colorful concoction infused with Smirnoff Cherry Vodka, lime juice & sour mix! Served in a tall sugar-rimmed glass over ice & garnished with Sour Patch Kids. First they're sour, then they're sweet!

    • Sinatra's Jack & Coke


      Enjoy it your way with this signature cocktail featuring Jack Daniels Whiskey & Coca Cola. Served over ice in a tall glass!

    • WINE

      Apothic Wines Red Blend - Modesto, CA
      A masterful blend of rich Zinfandel, smooth Merlot, flavorful Syrah and bold Cabernet Sauvignon creates layers of dark red fruit complemented by hints of vanilla and mocha.
      Glass: $7.99
      Bottle: $29.99

      Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon - Modesto, CA
      Hints of ripe raspberry and a velvety smooth vinish.
      Glass: $5.99
      Bottle: $18.99

      Apothic Rose - Modesto, CA
      Layers of strawberry and watermelon with a hint of raspberry, for a refreshing wine that is light in color, yet dark in nature.
      Glass: $7.99
      Bottle: $27.99

      Kendall Jackson Chardonnay - Santa Rosa, CA
      Hints of pineapple, mango, papaya, and citrus notes.
      Glass: $8.49
      Bottle: $32.99

      Canyon Road Pinot Grigio - Modesto, CA
      Hints of green apple, citrus, white peach, and floral blossom.
      Glass: $5.99
      Bottle: $18.99


      Fountain Beverages

      Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Fuze Unsweetened Ice Tea, Gold Peak Raspberry Iced Tea, Hi-C Pink Lemonade, Barq's Rootbeer, Fanta Orange Soda, Seagram's Gingerale

      60 oz. pitcher: $5.89
      Large: $3.59
      Medium: $2.89
      Small: $1.99

      Other Beverages

      Fresh Brewed Iced Coffee 24 oz.: $2.49
      Dasani Bottled Water: $2.29
      16oz Milk or Chocolate Milk: $1.99
      Never Empty Coffee - Regular or decaf: $2.29
      Tea - Regular or decaf: $1.99

    • The Grinch’s Sour Apple Spritzer

      Green sour apple syrup mixed with sprite over ice. Served with a cherry.

    • Branch's Blue Raspberry Twist

      Branch's Blue Raspberry Twist


      You got this feelin' inside your bones. It goes electric, wavy when you take a sip! Blue raspberry flavored syrup mixed with fizzy & refreshing Sprite with juicy Sour Patch Watermelon candy.

    • Bottled Juices


      Orange, Apple

    • Shirley Temple


      A classic drink featuring ginger ale and a splash of grenadine, garnished with a cherry and served over ice.

    • Butter Beer Float

      Butter Beer Float


      A magically frothy & delicious Barq’s Root Beer, Dr. Pepper or Orange Cream Float with a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream!