Chunky’s Movie Ticket Fundraisers!

Chunky’s Cinema Pub wants to partner up with your organization and help your fundraising efforts. Our Prepaid Admissions are the perfect ticket for a successful fundraiser. Prepaid tickets are good for any movie*, any time Monday through Thursday. Customers can use these tickets for upcoming vacations, summer time, holiday vacations, after-school matinees, gift giving etc. The program is cool, simple and risk free! Who can resist Chunky’s Cinema Pub when we offer: Amazing block buster movies, and delicious menu selections, while relaxing in comfy Lincoln Continental car chairs all at the same time?!?! *A $3.00 surcharge will be added at the ticket counter when pre-paid fundraising admission is redeemed for a 3D film. Click here to request online!
  For example: Your organization would earn $1,600!!! If you were to sell 400 Pre-Paid Admissions for $7.50 each:
  • Your Cost Per Ticket: $3.50 (x 400 = $1400)
  • Revenue Per Ticket: $7.50 (x 400 = $3000)
  • Profit: $3000 – $1400 = $1600 profit (53% of $3000) * based on you selling the tickets for $7.50 each
Gather your sales organization to begin selling Chunky’s Cinema Pub pre-paid admissions.Here’s how it all works:
  • We will send a Fundraising Ticket Sales Form for each salesperson participating in your fundraiser.
  • Each salesperson needs to complete the top portion of the sheet and track all of their pre paid admission sales in the “Sales Log” to be eligible for prizes.
  • After the Fundraising campaign, the completed sales forms need to be returned back to the fundraiser leader, along with the money collected from the ticket sales
  • A money order/check for the total cost of tickets sold must be returned to Chunky’s Cinema Pub. The pre paid admissions will then be sent to your organization.
  • Prizes will be sent to the eligible sales persons upon retrieval of Ticket Sales Form of qualified the persons only.