Fundraising Tips

Chunkys wants to see your fundraiser succeed! Believe it or not, your attitude is the number one factor in determining your success at fundraising! Here are some tips to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind:

  • Maintain a positive attitude. Anything is possible. Chunkys Cinema Pub is all about fun and a good time. If you keep that attitude, your fundraiser will be a success!
  • Make a plan and stick to it! Keep your goals and expectations realistic then set up a plan.
  • Don’t give up. Of course it is going to happen at least once to everyone. “No” will be the answer while trying to sell pre paid admissions and raise money for your organization, but its part of the game! If at first you don’t succeed, take away a lesson from the experience and try again!
  • Keep the “fun” in FUNdraising. Fundraising doesn’t have to be all work and no play. In fact, the most successful fundraisers will come about by doing what you like to do. Think about how you can use your best talents and skills and put them to use in a fundraiser. Be creative!
  • Be polite and persistent. Being polite and respectful will be essential in successful fundraising. Even if answer is no, be sure to thank your potential donor for considering your cause…you may need to go back to them in the future for something else!

Sponsorships from Businesses and Organizations

Chunkys Cinema Pub truly believes your fundraising goal could be a letter away. There are many local businesses and organizations that would be happy to help you meet your goal! A Chunkys pre paid admission is a great way these businesses can reward their hard working employees and appreciated customers. Sponsorships may be the answer to reaching your goals. Here’s how to approach local businesses and organizations:

1. Come up with a list of all the relevant businesses and organizations (and the appropriate contact person for each!) in your community.

2. Draft a letter to the businesses and organizations in your community. Here are the key parts of a successful letter:

a. Introduction: Tell them who you are and why you are approaching them for support
b. Why: Explain to them why this opportunity is important for your school and/or community.
c. Benefit to the Organization/Community: Explain how the business or organization and the community can benefit from your project. Be sure to include direct benefits to the potential donor.
d. Include a second option: Some businesses will not be able to support you with money. Let them know if you were willing to receive another type of donation that you could raffle off or use for your activities it would also appreciate it very much (these are called in-kind contributions).
e. Conclusion: End by thanking the business/organization. It is always helpful if you can make a connection between your request and their mission. Be sure to include information on how to contact you.

3. Send out the letters to the businesses and organizations.

4. Follow up with a phone call. Ask if they received the letter and check to see if they have any questions.

5. Await a response. Regardless of the business/organization’s ability to support you, send them a thank you note.

6. Follow up! After your event, send them a letter about how it went and thank them for their support.

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