90 min.
Release Date: 10-20-2023

GET READY FOR ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENTS!!! If you're a camping family, then you know EXACTLY how this game of BINGO is played! We are converting our locations to an evening of live-hosted BINGO where the featured prized items each round are boxes of delicious, iconic Chunky's Movie Theater Candy and also a few valuable Chunky's prizes! The use of our big-screen will make your typical game of Bingo like nothing you've ever experienced before! For $10 you will be able to reserve a seat and receive a $5 off virtual food voucher (to be used towards one food item that night) and a box of Chunky's theater candy goes in the pot! ONLY 1 BINGO CARD PER CUSTOMER. This event will last around an hour and a half, so we hope to get at least 8 rounds in! We'll do classic straight bingo and a handful of other creative rounds to win! GET READY TO SHOUT 'BINGO!" AND FEEL LIKE A ROCK STAR WHEN YOU WIN! Doors open 1 hour before start time. Please arrive early! Our food and drink menu will be available for this event as usual!


Chunky's Manchester

707 Huse Road Manchester, NH 03013

Friday, October 20

No Passes.  Special Events  Reserved Seating