New Reserved Seating!

Skip the lines, purchase your movie tickets in advance!

We are excited to launch this new seating program! For all movies and events, you will be able to select your own seats prior to entering the theater. All locations will have this feature. When you purchase movie tickets, you’ll be able to view the available seats in the auditorium and pick where you want to sit. There are no other changes to our restaurant service once you are inside the theater. Therefore, we still highly recommend arriving early so you can enjoy the complete Chunky’s experience and dine while the lights are still up. The theater layout will also remain the same, however, you’ll notice there are circular stickers on each table indicating your row and seat number.

Below is an example of what our seating chart will look like.

movie tickets
Simply click on the seats you want and check out. The space between the letters (AB, CD, EF, GH) indicates a Chunky’s table. All seats are wheelchair accessible.

Simple as that! If you’d like to know if an auditorium you are selecting seats for is a tiered theater with a lower level please view our FAQ section for more layout details along with other information. If you have a specific question you can’t find in our FAQ section, please contact us!