Now Hiring!

Updated:  10/15/15

Chunky's Cinema Pub is hiring for all locations and positions, and must posses the following:

  1. Strong Communication Skills
  2. Be able to work past 8pm Sunday through Saturday
  3. Be able to work overtime if volume dictates
  4. Experience is recommended, willing to train
  5. Excels in a Team Environment
  6. Excels well under pressure and in a fast paced environment
  7. Is willing to learn more than one job descriptions (ability to be cross trained)
  8. Has flexible schedule (nights, weekends, and mornings)
  9. Must be able to serve or make various drinks, including but not limited too, beer, wine and mixed drinks
  10. Is energetic and has outgoing personality and works well with others

Those candidates who believe they would excel in our environment please print, fill out and return the physical application to the office at the location you are applying for. We look forward to hearing from you as a possible new member of our Chunky's team!

CLICK HERE:  Chunky's Employment Application