The Goonies Treasure Hunt

Ye intruders beware…. One-Eyed Willie and his band of misfits became trapped at Chunky’s and hid a handful of treasure boxes full of valuable Chunky’s items so no one else could find them.  On the 23rd & 24th of August, year 2017 we dare you to unleash your inner Goonie and find the stolen treasures. The story goes that in each Chunky’s location during the hour before the start of The Goonies, treasure hunters can find these hidden boxes ANY WHERE inside the theater.   It’s been told that some of the treasure chests contain Chunky’s items as high as $100! Goonies shows on 8/23 & 8/24 at all locations.   Doors open at 6pm so get in line early if you want to become a famous scavenger like Chester Copperpot. CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets TODAY and secure your seat to a 1980’s gem & a chance at fortune and glory! CHUNKY'S TREASURE CHEST 2 WITH SOCIAL ICONS BACKGROUND All locations participating.  10 boxes per location located inside the theater playing Goonies only.  1 treasure per customer.  If you find a treasure box, your hunt is over.   HAPPY HUNTING!