How are these tickets handled for customers looking to see a 3D film at Chunky’s?

Fundraising tickets are prepaid for 2D admission only.  Customers looking to redeem ticket for a 3D film will be subject to a $3.00 surcharge at the ticket counter.

The Chunky’s fundraising tickets are good only Monday-Thursday only and expire in 1 year, does this have an impact on the fundraising success?

Not at all. Since these tickets expire in a year, customers have the opportunity to use the tickets for many occasions such as school vacations, holiday vacations, after school matinees, summer time, gift giving etc. Most importantly, these tickets do not have any “black-out” dates, meaning these tickets are good for any movie!

Our organization does not have many members. Will the Chunky’s Cinema Fundraising Program be successful?

The most important thing to remember in a fundraiser is the attitude and the goals you set to achieve. Chunky’s recently had a fundraising group of only 25 members set a goal to sell only 10 tickets each. In less than a month they earned almost $900!

Will Chunky’s Movie Tickets be a successful fundraiser, like the candles, gift wrap, chocolates, etc. we have been selling for years?

There are various factors that contribute to a successful fundraiser. However, based on previous customer experience, buyers typically purchase multiple Chunky’s tickets for their family, friends or relatives. This makes our fundraiser as successful, if not more so, than many of the products sold today.

Is my complimentary, fundraising, or prepaid admission good for a 3D film?

Yes, however a $3.00 surcharge will be added at the ticket counter.