Gluten-Free Menu

­­PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR ORDER, PLEASE ALWAYS ALERT YOUR SERVER TO YOUR FOOD ALLERGY OR DIETARY NEEDS ­­Suggested menu options for wheat/gluten allergies: Chunky’s has prepared this suggested list of menu options based on the most current ingredient information from our suppliers and their stated absence of wheat and gluten within these items. Please be aware that during normal operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, the possibility exists for food items to come in contact with other food products. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu items can be free of allergens completely. APPETIZERS Popcorn Chili Sweet Potato Vegetarian Chili The Green Mile Salad W/o Croutons and Breadstick Caesar Salad w/o broutons and breadstick Big Fat Greek Salad w/o breadstick Our selection of Dressings and Sauces are all gluten-free *with the exception of the Carolina BBQ sauce. MAIN ATTRACTIONS Love Me Tenders w/ Gluten-Free tenders…add $.99 BURGERS Chunky’s Wagyu Burger served on gluten-free bun Tom Hanks Burger served on gluten-free bun Robert De Niro Burger served on gluten-free bun Kevin Bacon Burger served on gluten-free bun Catching Fire Burger served on gluten-free bun Smokey and the Bandit Burger served on gluten-free bun w/o onion rings You’ve Got Kale Burger served on gluten-free bun or on romaine lettuce leaf Awesome Avocado Turkey Burger served on gluten-free bun or on romaine lettuce leaf AND THE NOMINEES ARE….SANDWICHES AND MORE The Space Jam Sandwich served on gluten-free bun Rocky’s Philly Cheese steak served on gluten-free bun WOODY’S ROUNDUP – KID MENU (for guests 10 and under) Buzz Burger served on a gluten-free bun w/o cookie The Slinky Dog w/o bun and cookie Gluten-free tenders (3)…add $.99 w/o cookie DESSERTS Storm Scooper Ice Cream Jabba the Hot Fudge Sundae Bullseye’s Sundae Ice Cream Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt SIDE DISHES Apple Slices Cilantro Lime Cole slaw Potato chips Seasonal Vegetables Vegetable Medley Mashed Potatoes *Chunky’s Cinema & Pub is not a gluten free certified operation, nor are the ingredients that it sources certified gluten free. These suggested options are based solely on current ingredient information from our suppliers and their voluntary stated absence of gluten. Please consider the information here within, and your individual dietary needs when deciding to order from this menu. At Chunky’s, a top priority is always the health and safety of our guests. As part of our commitment to you, our allergen menus are based on product information provided by Chunky’s approved food manufacturers. Chunky’s makes every effort to keep this information current. However, it is possible that ingredient changes and substitutions may occur due to the differences in regional suppliers, recipe revisions, preparation techniques, and/or the season of the year. Certain menu items may vary from restaurant to restaurant, and may not be available at all locations. We highly recommend that our guests with food allergies or special dietary needs consult with a restaurant manager prior to placing an order to ensure the posted information is accurate and represents the menu items sold at the particular location. Limited time offers or monthly special items may not be included on these menus.