Advertising Opportunities at Chunky’s Cinema

In 2016, Chunky’s Cinema Pub had over 800,000 customers visit their locations.

At Chunky’s Cinema Pub, we provide great value and a unique theater experience for the entire family to enjoy. Chunky’s would like to offer your business the opportunity to reach our loyal customer base by providing these highly effective reach and frequency advertising vehicles to you. Your message will reach over hundreds and thousands of family members from the Boston thru Manchester region.

High-Def Digital On-Screen Advertising

On-screen advertising at Chunky’s is displayed in cutting-edge, fully digital, High-Definition! Customers enter our theaters 60 minutes before show time. Therefore, advertising on our Big Screens ensures everyone will see your company and its message in a very professional HD digital presentation.  Want to use a video commercial you already have or would like to create one?   Chunky’s experienced and professional in-house staff can insert your ready-made spot into their HD presentation or connect you with their exclusive videographers to create a HD spot for you!

Illuminated Poster Display Cases

As customers line up to purchase movie tickets and pass through our lobbies, they could be reading your ad! Each location is equipped with 27” x 42” illuminated poster display cases. This is a great opportunity to catch the eye of our guests and effectively highlight your company’s message. Illuminate your poster in one or all three of our locations and reach out to our 800,000 Chunky’s customers. These cases are less then 1-inch thick!

Birthday Party Goodie-Cup Placement

In 2008, Chunky’s hosted 4,000 birthday parties reaching over 40,000 kids ranging from ages 5-16 years old. Every child who attends our birthday party receives a Goodie-Cup to take home. Placement in this cup should be an extremely valuable spot for your company to offer a coupon or special message to this younger demographic.

LCD Screens

High-definition LCD screens are prominently displayed in our highly trafficked lobbies. As customers wait in line and spend time in our lobbies they could be reading your Ad. Let Chunky’s create a commercial spot for you and take advantage of this opportunity!

Lobby Brand Displays and Promotions

Over 800,000 customers passed through our lobbies last year! Chunky’s has the space in their lobbies to offer your company the opportunity to set up a table to display and/or sell your product. Set up for a day or an entire weekend!

Call Mike at (603) 952-3030 ext. 23 or e-mail mmannetta@chunkys.com